Monthly Archives: October 2017

  1. How to arrange your living room in order to make it a convenient place of meetings?

    Let us take care about a coherent style The place conducive to meeting, conversation and sincerity should be arranged and finished in coherent style and resonating in harmonic way colour palette. Let us avoid tacky and avant-garde…
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  2. White furniture to the living room

    For the lovers of white furniture we have prepared wide range of various projects and constructions. The white color is suitable in every interior starting from children’s room ending on living rooms. White furniture simply are modern, timeless…
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  3. The furniture to the living room – vintage or modern?

    The living room is a place where we can have a rest and we can relax alone, with family and friends. It is worth to arrange it and to choose good furniture. In this article we will consider about how to arrange the living room in the modern or…
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