Megahelcal - external wooden door with exterior aluminum cladding

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This collection allows you to use all the features of wood ranging from insulation properties up to natural beauty, ensuring the comfort of taking care of outermost layer of the door. The Alutherm Door Collection will appeal to people looking for a modern design, and maintence free use.

Our Premium Class of wood door with exterior aluminum cladding - we offer beautiful interior wood and space age materials throughout.The model names are inspired by the book "Fables for Robots" by Stanislaw Lem, the famous Polish science fiction writer.


Plate rebated door , 3.2" thick (Thermo) or 3.7" thick (Arctic), built with glued laminated timber frame, insulated core and oak or pine veneered waterproof plywood.

“French rebate” anti-burglar system

Double rebated door (triple rebated if the Arctic standard is used)

Thermal insulation material

Available as standard

  • Glued laminated timber frame
  • Four hinges adjustable in three directions
  • Thermally broken low aluminum threshold
  • Bottom rail weatherstrip, additionally works as a weather drip bar
  • A three-point security lock (RC2 class)
  • Triple-glazed low-E security glass
  • handle and cylinder

Standard size 3.7" Arctic (size in inch)::

37.7"x82.6" total size with frame - (31.5" door)
41.7"x82.6" total size with frame - (35.4" door)
45.6"x82.6" total size with frame - (39.4" door)

Standard size 3.2" Termo (size in inch):

36.6"x82.6" total size with frame - (31.5" door)
40.6"x82.6" total size with frame - (35.4" door)
44.5"x82.6" total size with frame - (39.4" door)

No standard size to single door from 35.4 to 44.5" total size with frame in width and from 80.3" to 98.4" in height total size with frame (36.6" to 45.7" width to hole in the wall and from 81.1 to 99.2" in height to hole in the wall)

Wood/Colour options

Oak – Bleached Oak, Oak – Afromosia, Oak – Cherry, Oak – Tabaco, Oak – Teak, Oak – Walnut, Oak – Winchester, Oak – Amber Oak, Oak – Dark Teak, Oak – Golden Oak, Oak – Old Oak, Old oak (oak), Pine – Afromosia, Pine – Cherry, Pine – Dark Pine, Pine – Dark Teak, Pine – Teak, Pine – Walnut, Pine/Oak – RAL

Exterior aluminum cladding colours: RAL Pallete

We have all this confirmed scientifically by successfully carrying out:

  • door implementation tests at the Winkhaus laboratory in Meiningen, Germany
  • tests for static and dynamic loads as well as attempts of unauthorized entry (both for doors opening outward or inward) at the Institute for Building Technology.

We have not forgotten about the comfort. This security doors have all the features of our other doors, and in particular guarantees:

  • a quiet house – very good acoustic performance (34 dB)
  • a warm house – energy efficient door, Ud from 0.58 Wm2K.

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The installation space between the frame and the wall can be between 0.2" to 0.8" on each side.

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The price includes TAX

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