DE-Xylo 1 best kitchen sinks stainless

DE-Xylo 1
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Length: 22,8 inches / 58 cm
Width: 17,1 inches / 43,5 cm
Depth: 6,3 inches / 16 cm

Material: Steel
Siphon: Siphon included
Thickness of steel: 700 µm 
Number of Basins: 1
Sink Type: Inset sink
Drain Size: 3.5"
Color:  satin, decor

Reversible kitchen sink 180°
Resistant to high temperature 482°f
Resistant to scratches and impacts
Easy to clean and stain resistant
Hygiene protection: nonporous structure means food and liquid won't stick to surface. Prevents the spreading of bacteria
Overflow in bowl
Connection to dish-washer