Sta Galileo Duo - front door with side panel

Galileo Duo
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Doors are manufactured after the order has been placed through the website.
Production time for our doors:
door named STA - production takes 5 weeks
door named FARGO - production takes 8 weeks
door named LIM - production takes 7 weeks


W 47.4" x H 82" total size with frame (W 33.5" door slab + 11.8" side panel)
W 51.3" x H 82" total size with frame (W 33.5" door slab + 15.8" side panel)
W 55.3" x H 82" total size with frame (W 37.4" door slab + 15.8" side panel)
W 59.3" x H 82" total size with frame (W 41.3" door slab + 15.8" side panel) only dark anthracite, golden oak, walnut and white colours

available custom width from 47.4" to 59.2"

Colour: black, bleached oak, concrete, corten - architectural rust, dark anthracite, golden oak, light anthracite (silver grey), mahogany, smooth anthracite, walnut, wenge, white, winchester
Glazing: Privacy glass (one way mirror), Bronze reflex
Opening way: Right hand (RH) - opening to inside, Left hand (LH) - opening to inside, Right hand reverse (RHR) - opening to outside, Left hand reverse (LHR) - opening to outside
T-bar (long vertical handle): YES, NO
Electronic Opener T-bar (button + electric strike + power supply): only Straight T-bar

The door is made of stainless steel. Inside it is filled with PUR polyurethane foam and wood. The thickness of the door slab is 2.2 inch. Dual sealing system - one seal is in the dap of the frame and the other is located in the supporting part of the door slab. They reduce vibration and protect your house from losing the heat. They don't change their volume under the influence of atmospheric conditions. The door frame has anti-burglar reinforcements in hinge parts and locking points.

The door set includes:
- Door and the door frame with two gaskets;
- Two independent locks (multi-point locking mechanism) providing anti-burglary security solutions;
- Two sets of inserts with the keys;
- Normal door handle (T-bar long handle as an additional option);
- Viewfinder (in the case of solid doors);
- 6x adjustable hinges (3x on each side) that provide anti-burglary protection;
- Aluminum threshold with the gasket;
- 3x anti-theft bolts.

Thermal and soundproof specification:
- R value for the glazed door slab is R=3.78
- R value for a full door slab is R=4.73
- acoustic insulation 31 dB (applies to doors without glazing)
- glass doors are made of triple glazing packages.

The door is already mounted onto the frame (prehung door), which saves you all the work. The door is completely ready for installation.

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The installation space between the frame and the wall can be up to 0.8 inch.

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The panel in this door is openable