Higher Fargo door

Higher Fargo door
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34.5" with frame (29.5" door)
36.4" with frame (31.5" door)
38.4" with frame (33.5" door)
40.4" with frame (35.4" door)
44.3" with frame (39.4" door)

Door height with frame:

from 2080 mm to 2400 mm / 82 inch to 94.5 inch

Colour: anthracite sapphire, anthracite structure, smooth anthracite, silver gray, walnut, wenge, golden oak, white structure, mahogany, winchester, swamp oak

Opening way: Right hand (RH), Left hand (LH), Right hand reverse (RHR), Left hand reverse (LHR)

The door is made of stainless steel. Inside are filled with foam and wood.

The door set includes:

door glass in a few variant

- door leaf 2.126" thick with gasket, filled with polyurethane foam

- laminated frame with gasket

- 3 anti-theft bolts

- language regulation

- 3 adjustable hinges

- aluminum threshold with gasket

- additional 4-locking top lock with insert - WILKA knob (WILKA single-key system)


- main four bolt lock with a WILKA insert (one key system)

- additional 4-transitional lower lock (connected to the main one)

- drip cap (door to be opened inwards)

- burglary resistance class 2 (applies to doors without glazing with a "C" handle with protection)

- acoustic insulation 31 dB (applies to doors without glazing)

The installation space between the frame and the wall can be up to 4 cm (1.57 inch) in total

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