SL 211 - aluminium storm door


The price includes TAX

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Doors are manufactured after the order has been placed through the website.
Production time for our doors:
door named SL (aluminium) - production takes 4 weeks
door named LIM (aluminium) - production takes 12 weeks
door named STA (stainless steel) - production takes 4 weeks
door named FARGO (stainless steel) - production takes 7 weeks
door named AC (stainless steel) - production takes 4-5 weeks

Size door with frame:
Width from: 35.4" to 49.2"
Height from: 74.8" to 98.4"

product is based on ALIPLAST aluminium systems.

To ensure the highest level of security for your family and your property, FM doors carefully select door fittings, designed, and manufactured by recognized European manufacturers such as Winkhaus and GU. Moreover, our Premium line has been certified in security class RC2 by IFT Rossenheim. 

Lock: Winkhaus 5 point hook lock

Hinges: 3x 3D adjustable hinges (painted in the door's color) or hidden hinges

Glazing: 3 chambers, quadruple glazing (satinato or clear glass)

Frame: 2.9" aluminium with thermal insulation

Threshold: Aluminium with thermal break

The door set includes:

- Aluminium door and the door frame;
- the door handle made of stainless steel;
- 3x 3D adjustable hinges (painted in the door's color)
- Multipoint locking system Winkhaus 5 point hook lock
- Aluminium threshold with thermal break
- Ring rosette integrated into the door leaf

The door is already mounted onto the frame (prehung door), which saves you all the work. The door is completely ready for installation.

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The installation space between the frame and the wall can be between 5 mm to 15 mm.

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The price includes TAX

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