MB-70 – Aluminium Casement Windows

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gaskets system
chamber structure

  • frame depth (door/window): 70 mm,
  • leaf/sash depth (door/window): 70/79 mm,
  • glazing thickness (permanent window and door/ active window): 15-51 mm/ 23-60 mm,
  • standard glazing package 4/16Ar/4th [Ug=1,1]*,
  • max. window dimensions: height up to 2400 mm, width up to 1600 mm,
  • max. weight of the leaf/sash (door/window) – 120/130 kg
  • one-chamber or two-chamber glass packages available,
  • three-chamber profile structure,
  • with a thermal break (additional insulator available – HI version),
  • installing a concealed sash is possible,
  • duo-colour varnishing,
  • concealed hardware can be used,
  • renovation windows are available,
  • profiles can be bent, arched windows are available (permanent glazing),
  • PSK structures are available.


Colours can emphasise the shape of aluminium joinery and provide it with individual character and genuine appearance.

All aluminium systems offered by our company are available in two colour palettes – RAL and DECORAL. We supply anodised windows and doors as well. Such a large selection enables you to choose perfect windows to match both the interior and the façade.

Basic colour palette. Profiles come in one of 213 smooth colours or in sand or metallic texture.

Woodgrain finish palette. Aluminium joinery offered by our company comes in the following colours: beech, sweet cherry, golden oak, winchester, fir, mahogany, sapele, walnut, walnut vein, pine, cherry, wenge.

Anodised aluminium provides excellent properties (hardness and resistance to corrosion) and allows you to choose from among a wide variety of colours. The following colours of anodised elements are available: blasted silver, blasted gold, blasted inox, blasted champagne, blasted olive, blasted brown, blasted black, brushed anodised inox, brushed strong anodised inox.


Aluminium systems provide great design possibilities, allowing you to create windows, doors, sliding systems, and large glazed areas. Several alternative solutions have been created based on MB-70, each giving you new possibilities.

Using MB-70 HI provides the building with better thermal insulation. Special insulating inserts located in a central chamber improves thermal insulation properties. Just like in the basic system, MB-70 HI windows can be used for individual structures and aluminium façades.

MB-70 US is one of the most popular alternative solutions. Windows produced using this system have invisible sashes on the outer side. When permanent and active windows are located next to each other, it is impossible to tell them apart. The frames are considerably narrow when seen from the outside, providing a slim and light appearance. This solution is available in MB-70 US HI version equipped with additional insulation.

MB-70 Industrial is another alternative solution. Window profiles based on this system have additional decorative elements referring to steel windows in buildings under historic preservation, providing the modernised building with much greater protection against heat losses.


Aluminium windows based on MB-70 system are rigid, durable, and stable. They can be used to produce safe large structures, thus can be successfully used in construction of office buildings, hotels, agency buildings, and banks.

The system permits infilling openable window sashes with 23 to 60 mm thick glazing units and infilling fixed windows and door leafs with 15 to 51 mm glazing units. Such a wide range of glazing units enables you to install all kinds of standard and non-standard panes.

MB-70 system allows us to produce side-hung, bottom-hung, and tilt and turn windows. Windows with a moving post are available as well.

MB-70 windows are equipped with a thermal break – an additional advantage. In addition to safety and great appearance, they provide good thermal insulation properties.

A solution called MB-70 HI is also based on this system. Thermal insulation properties of this system is considerably higher that of its basic version.


When selecting windows, in particular for public facilities, it is essential to consider choosing accessories, including those affecting the anti-burglary class. MB-70 windows are additionally equipped with Maco Multi-Matic hardware. However, final hardware set depends on the customer’s needs and requirements. It is a good idea to install hardware that meets the requirement of WK1 and WK2 anti-burglary class. We provide such hardware as well since it allows us to provide you with the highest standards of safety.

To protect yourself against them, we recommend equipping MB-70 windows with reed relays, movement sensors and essential components of the alarm system. Reed relays are magnetic sensors that trigger the alarm when the position of the circumferential hardware is changed, i.e. every time when somebody tries to open the window.

We recommend installing glass packages with VSG glass. This remarkably safe solution constitutes an additional barrier against burglars and, if broken, ensures than nobody becomes injured. VSG panes are laminated with special film – even if somebody breaks the pane, pieces of glass adhere to the film.

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