MB-SR50N – Aluminium facade system

The impressive post and beam facades created on the basis of the MB-SR50N system is an element definitely standing out in the urban landscape. Facades are appreciated for their appearance and modern design but also for their utility.


  • a system designed for building façades,
  • system with thermal break,
  • aluminum posts’ profiles from 65 to 325 mm,
  • transoms from 49.5 to 189.5 mm wide,
  • glazing of the permanent module up to 300 kg,
  • tempered and laminated glass to choose,
  • windows can be built into the facade,
  • the door can be built into the facade.

Technical parameters:

  • Air permeability: AE 1200, EN 12152
  • Waterproof: RE 1200, EN 12154
  • Wind resistance: 2.4 kN / m2, EN 13116
  • Impact resistance: I5 / E5, EN 14019
  • Thermal insulation (Uf): from 0.7 W / (m2K)


Colors undoubtedly give the joinery an individual expression and unique aesthetics. Façades from our offer are available in two color palettes – RAL and DECORAL.


Basic color palette. Profiles can take one of 213 smooth colors and colors with a sand or metallic structure.


Palette of wood-like colors. Aluminum joinery from our offer can take the following colors:

  • beech,
  • cherry,
  • golden oak,
  • winchester,
  • fir,
  • mahogany,
  • sapeli mahogany,
  • walnut,
  • walnut vein,
  • pine,
  • cherry,
  • wenge.

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