PVC BI-FOLD WINDOW – terrace, balcony window

An interesting way to provide a passage to your garden, terrace, or balcony. Our folding systems are very easy to use, at the same time acting as a unique decorative element. Available in a wide variety of colours.

gaskets system
chamber structure

  • consisting of 3 to 6 leafs,
  • max. leaf weight: 130 kg
  • 6 running rollers,
  • insulated running rollers made of PVC,
  • constructed based on Ideal 4000 system,
  • structures up to 5300 mm long are available*,
  • optimal anti-burglary class,
  • hinges with covered threaded connections, adjustable vertically and horizontally,
  • easy and silent operation,
  • 9 constructional schemes available,
  • single leafs can be tilted and opened.

Colour palette


Hardware for folding structures gives you great possibilities. It features special running rollers in trucks in the top and bottom section of the structure. The hardware enables us to produce structures up to 5300 mm long, each leaf can weigh up to 130 kg. Folding doors consist of two parts: a side-hung (or tilt and turn) and two or more leafs that fold by moving sideways.

Smooth movement guaranteed by six running rollers provides lightness and elegance.

Folding systems offered by our company can consist of up to 6 leafs joined frame-to-frame with hinges. The position of sashes in relation to each other may be adjusted using hinges.

The running truck (guiding mechanism of leafs) located in the threshold moves, supporting the weight of the structure. This solution enables you to save space in the room and create a wide passageway when the door is fully folded.

Sliding and folding doors are used in public buildings and in housing in particular as doors leading to the terrace or the garden.

Dedicated accessories

Joinery, especially sliding doors, is becoming a very common decorative element. There are multiple ways to make it extraordinary, improving the appearance of the interior and the whole building. Here are some solutions we offer our customers.

The selection of the veneer colour and structure is essential. We offer a wide variety of colours. Thanks to modern technology, the profiles are veneered on one side, two sides, or in a duo-colour formula.

If you want to provide effective thermal insulation, we recommend using a two-chamber glass package and an insulation spacer. These two elements affect the heat transfer coefficient of the whole structure.

Equipping sliding doors with ventilators provides continuous airflow. We recommend a pane-mounted Renson ventilator in this case.

Insulating strips made of Purenit are optionally available. Purenit is manufactured by combining polyurethane foam with aluminium filings. Providing top insulation properties, it can be glued and joined with other materials despite its high resistance to chemicals. It is also resistant to high temperatures and cracking. Eliminates thermal bridges effectively.

A double-sided handle with a lock enables you to lock the door from both sides, ensuring your safety.

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