Soundproof wooden sash window

Sash windows are windows operating in a sliding system up and down, with a drive supported by weights or springs placed inside the frame. They are equipped with glass packets up to 40 mm thick. We produce windows in three basic thicknesses:

  • 145 mm,
  • 189 mm.
So why choose our Silent Sash Windows?

The quality and the ‘fit’ of the products themselves. It’s not just the individuals, materials or the design process that set our windows apart, it’s also the way our designs are based on an in-depth understanding of specific individual needs.

The end-to-end support of experts. From the initial survey to the point of installation, we offer a continuum of expertise from a team that’s been trained by experts at the Institute of Acoustics.

Our range of options. We offer four ranges of sash windows – heritage, conventional, slim, or spring. Also, whether you need a special window feature, a bay window, some type of casing or a specially designed box sash, we can provide it.

All the advantages of hardwood timber. Lasting between 60 and 80 years, they have over two and a half times the life-span of a plastic window. Weather-resistant, our hardwood timber frames will never warp. In addition, they are energy-efficient, easy to repair, completely biodegradable, and very easy to be coloured.

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