Door Type

Single door

Door with left side panel

Door with right side panel

Door with two side panels

Door with two side panels and top sidelight

Door with top sidelight

Door with left sidelight

Door with right sidelight

Door with top and left sidelights

Door with top and right sidelights

Door with left and right sidelights

Door with three sidelights

Double doors

Double doors with left and right sidelights

Fargo double door with top sidelight

Double door with left,right and top sidelights

Once you are ready you can choose the entire configuration on our website and order online. Once you order, our system will automatically send your order to the factory where the production will start.

Production time for our doors:

door named STA - production will take between 3 and 4 weeks
door named FARGO - production will take 5 weeks
door named LIM - production will take between 5 and 6 weeks

Information on how to measure the hole in the wall for door installation.

Please find the picture below showing the dimensions of the door with the frame and how to measure the opening for door installation. Please take the measure from the floor "tile or wooden panel" inside the house to the top brick level. The space for the door installation should be between minimum 5mm to 20mm larger than the overall size of the door with the frame. This space is necessary as it should be filled with foam during the installation. This will also ensure insulation between the wall and the door frame.


The map where you can find our recommended door installers and their contact numbers.