AL86-S2 - turn open aluminum window (inside opening)


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Aluminum windows & tarrace doors are manufactured after the order has been placed through the website.
Aluminum windows & tarrace doors - production time 6-7 weeks

The new MB-86 window and door series have been designed to offer outstanding insulation properties. It meets the increasing requirements from the legislative and general market demands for the enhanced energy saving construction of new windows and doors. ST aluminum system is the first to employ silica aerogel, the nanoporous material that has a very high proportion of free void volume compared to conventional solid materials. Its high pore volume, low solid content, and torturous path amorphous structure give rise to low values of thermal conductivity.  In addition it also features exceptional rate of profiles inertia that allows for greater windows in size and weight.


Overall system depth: Window Frame 3"
Vent: 3.4"
R-Value Down to 11 (Triple Glazing), Down to 7.1 (Double Glazing)
Air tightness Class 4
Water tightness Class E (1500 Pa) 
Wind load resistance Class C5


Total window width with frame from: 18.1" to 63"
Total window height with frame from: 17.7"  to 98.4" 

The window set includes:
- aluminum window and the window frame;
- aluminum handle 
- double glazing glass (update to triple glass)

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The price includes TAX

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