Denon Ven D2 - high gloss interior door

Denton Ven D2

The price includes TAX

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  • edge without rebate
  • leaf covered with gloss laminate
  • MDF frame, narrow element with fixed width, wide element with variable width
  • filling perforated chipboard
  • magnetic key lock, bathroom lock, patent cylinder or savings magnetic lock
  • safety composite glazing MAT 0.3"
  • sockets for 2 Estetic 80 recessed hinges

Gloss Laminate with a thickness of 0.1" is a modern laminate with a high gloss level, giving the effect of reflection
mirror. It has a perfectly smooth surface with increased resistance to scratches.

Standard door slab size:


Required Installation hole width:

24.7"x80.4" - 28" min installation hole width / 31.8" - max installation hole width
28.6"x80.4" - 31.9" min installation hole width / 35.9" - max installation hole width
32.6"x80.4" - 35.9" min installation hole width / 39.8" - max installation hole width
36.5"x80.4" - 39.8" min installation hole width / 43.7" - max installation hole width

Required Installation hole height:

min installation hole height: 81.8 inch
max installation hole height: 84 inch

Required thickness of your wall

min 29.5 inch ; max 11.8 inch


white, magnolia, moro, notte, vino


The price includes TAX

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