Akron - Truffle oak living room wall unit


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Total dimensions:
Width - 94.49"
Height  - 74.8"
Depth - 17.72"

Item dimensions:

1x TV Stand
Width  - 70.87"
Height  - 13.8"
Depth - 17.72"

1x Tall cabinet right side
Width - 23.62"
Height  - 39.37"
Depth  - 13.8"

1x Small cabinet left side
Width - 23.62"
Height - 39.37"
Depth - 13.8"

1x Long Shelf
Width - 47.24"
Height  - 7.9"
Depth  - 7.9"

1x Small Shelf
Width - 23.6"
Height - 7.9"
Depth  - 7.9"

Body: Truffle Oak

Push door opening system without handles.
Front doors made of MDF - Medium-density fibreboard high gloss. Body made of composite wood matt finish
Open spaces for electronic components.
Front doors with soft-opening mechanism.

Laredo tv stand entertainment center wall unit that combines both modern design and contemporary minimalist design with straight lines and high-gloss fronts. The wall cabinets which gives this entertainment center its one-of-a-kind look.
The unit offers a considerable storage space and is a perfect location for any size TV (The unit is modular so the wall cabinets can be distributed as wide or as high as you need, allowing you to have a Tv screen you wish.)

Furniture is packed in packages with instructions and elements for self-assembly.

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