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Gilbert wall unit is a modern furniture set that will perfectly fit the interior of any living room. Gilbert wall unit is distinguished by an interesting arrangement of elements, an elegant form in addition to fashionable and modern colours.

The furniture is new, packed in smaller packages with instructions and the necessary hardware for self-assembly.


  • The wall unit is made of high quality laminated furniture board that is 16 mm thick;
  • fronts are made of MDF in matt;
  • shelves are 32mm / 1.26" thick;
  • handleless form;
  • pneumatic acutators were used;
  • blue LED lighting is included;
  • the back of the furniture is made of HDF;
  • the elements are joined with wooden dowels, confirmat screws and eccentric connectors.

body: Concrete + white / front: PVC concrete

2 x Hanging cupboard: the door opens on pneumatic actuator, behind it there is the chamber.
Hanging display case: door is partly glazed behind them, two glass shelves illuminated with blue LED lighting.
2x Shelf

DIMENSIONS OF PARTICULAR ELEMENTS [cm]: (width / height / depth)
2 x Cabinet: 60/30/30 cm
Glass-door cabinet: 30/95/30 cm
2 x Shelf: 140 / 3.2 / 30 cm

DIMENSIONS OF PARTICULAR ELEMENTS [inch]: (width / height / depth)
2 x Cabinet: 23.6"/11.8"/11.8"
Glass-door cabinet: 11.8"/37.4"/11.8"
2 x Shelf: 55.1"1.3" / 11.8"

width: 235 cm / 92.5 inch
height: 95 cm / 37.4 inch
depth: 30 cm / 11.8 inch

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