Shift M2- modern wall unit

Shift M2
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TV Cabinet - has one hatch behind which there are three spaces. The common large front is opened by means of "Push-Click" on gas actuators.

Vertical cabinet with single partially glazed doors, behind which there are two glass shelves illuminated with blue LED lighting.

A larger hanging cabinet with single doors behind which there are two compartments.

Two smaller hanging cabinets with single doors behind which there is one compartment.

A larger metal bookcase with three shelves. Two smaller metal shelves with two shelves. One hanging shelf.


Dimensions of elements:

TV cabinet  - width: 70.9" / height: 11.8" / depth: 15.7"
1x Vertical cabinet - width: 11.8" / height: 23.6" / depth: 11.8"
1x rectangular cabinet - width: 11.8" / height: 23.6" / depth: 9.8"
2x square cabinet - width: 11.8" / height: 11.8" / depth: 9.8"
1x rectangular metal cabinet - width: 11.8" / height: 23.6" / depth: 9.8"
2x square metal cabinet - width: 11.8" / height: 31cm /depth: 9.8"
1x Large shelf-  width: 70.9" / height: 0.9" /depth: 7.9"

white cabinets and shelves / black metal bookcase
black cabinets and shelves / black metal bookcase
graphite cabinets and shelves / black metal bookcase
wotan cabinets and shelves / black metal bookcase

Special Price $1,725.00 was $1,855.00

The price includes TAX

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